Monday, August 4, 2014

Well have not written here in a long while so here we go

Today the first thing online after coffee and before looking over freelance jobs, I watched this video which actually made my week

Post by Blaine Cooper.

Then well I as well this week set up some cover sheets for some of the zbrush and Photoshop work I did !  Shown above I will try and keep this going showing moree work funny stuff and other great and interesting items found around the web and in my works.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Been a long time since posting though I am still concentrating on a cross of computer science and 3d virtual graphics as well will begin courses in network admin this spring.  So any way I have started and now admin 5 different digital and graphics art groups that I will list here as well. Some are on google plus as well as on linked in as well. Please feel free to join these groups such as the zbrush artists group

or my freelance artist group

As well I have been taking a second look at Zbrush and Second Life since you can now import polymesh into sl via a Collada export file from a plugin I found called ZSculpty Tools. You can download a copy via Marcus Civis link in the Pixologic forums located here

Here is a quick head sculpt that I did with the tool and then uploaded to the beta grid

above  is the sculpt in zbrush

With his tool you can use both mesh and or you can make a sculpty map instead that will actually not take as much detail. 

but here is pretty good detailed mesh and it had smoothing on  if it had not it would have had more sharp edges. and it loads very fast. SL is a VRML workd the viewer used is also a editor of sorts as well a chat client a video client and as well a text im and group client.  You can animate and script objects that are sculptys which are derived from a formed primitive, or mesh which as well may be linked and animated via scripting and skinning.   At this point I will be adding more examples of the capabilities via Zbrush and 3ds Max and Maya as well Blender. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New week of 2-27-2012 what I did with digital art and my 3D Digital Sculpting in Zbrush!

Well as I posted I bought a new workstation for my 3d sculpting, modeling and character development that has a great graphics card, quad processor, a load of ram, and everything else I needed for digital 3d artwork. Over in Facebook I joined a bunch of 3d arts and digital modeling, sculpting and painting groups and pages. As well I downloaded Blender 3d and started to refresh my memory on it as well continue to learn as much as possible about zbrush from Pixologic and Photoshop and as well strengthen my work flows build my pipeline line and now I also installed the unity game engine as well as others. This week I plan on buying and external hard drive that has a terabyte of ram a 7200 rpm drive that will attach via esata cable or via usb 2 also. This will be needed for storage as well where I can keep a run-time for one of the new versions of poser pro. Currently this week do to the fact I just cannot afford maya unless I can get my hands on a education version or oem version if I get lucky. As for the new workstation I have so far subdivided a model or two in to huge amounts of polys as well while running PS with a large item or two on the clipboard while running blender and makehuman and it did not stutter slowdown or momentarily freeze while performing many highly taxing tasks.  Though I still am going to add more memory soon enough and eventually upgrade to and even better graphics card. I want to be able to animate at a good rez on this machine and as well maybe buy another workstation too. If I am doing animations I should be able to get to that level. 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Ordered a Dell Workstation

  Well this is a blog that details my life  and what I do online and sometimes offline, though a majority of my life is spent in cyberspace. First off a little about me, I am a man that wears many hats I guess you could say I am a renaissance man though I believe many of us are of the nature these days.  I have self taught the majority of all the tech abilities and skills that I have today.  From learning new apps and programs such as WordPress, HTML, css, Adobe Photoshop, Zbrush, PHP, server administration using Webmin, Plesk etc ...  These I learned on my own without and actual teacher. As well I learned much I know about painting through either trial and error or reading about others skills and the way they honed them.  This is just a basic intro to me as I would rather keep this to this week online.

  First off I added a new page to my Facebook account and it is called Wordpress Experts  and this will be a page / forum about WordPress and its uses for both content management and e commerce as well just a helpful springboard for people about Wordpress and all the themes, plugins, and apps that you can use with it. As well today I added more to a model I have been working on and posted it to my FB page, the problem is laptop keeps crashing and I lost the work of about half hour arrgggh. Well so this is why I ordered a Dell precision workstation online. The workstation should increase my productivity and as well give the extra power I need in my digital artwork. It has a quad core Xeon processor as well as a Nividia video card and loads of memory and a blazing fast hard drive. As well today I also added these blogs to blogger and will be adding to them on a regular basis as well.

Vampire Art